Cooinda to Gunlom

Thursday, September 24, 2015

DSC_0208Morning swim by pool and saw on the TV screen of the Volkswagon emissions scandal and the positive news that Mohammed Fahmy has been granted a presidential pardon in Egypt.

On the road just before noon, we DSC_0212saw what appeared to be a column of smoke rising not far from the road. Instead it was a willy willy, circular winds that draw up leaves, twigs and debris into the air. In the southern U. S. they call them dust devils.

Kilometre after kilometre of dry, often burnt or freshly recovering gums, rocky outcrops then 40 km along an unpaved corrugated road to the Gunlom campground and plunge pools

The ranger said that there are no saltwater crocs which are the aggressive ones and that the freshwater crocs in the plunge pool stay away from people. Though we didn’t see any crocs while swimming, I thought I could mischievously title today, “Swimming with Crocs!”

Wild horses graze on the edge of the campground. Like the feral buffalo and pigs they are a menace to the environment with their hard hooves.

Grey clouds and strong evening winds in the evening made me want to get everything under cover. In Canada they would signal rain; here the rain isn’t expected until mid-October. The few drops that fell did nothing to quell the dust or even dampen the tent.

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