Gunlom Campground to Katherine

Friday, September 25, 2015

DSC_0228An early start had us on the walk to the upper pools at Gunlom before most of the rest of the campground. 70 metres of clambering up rocks brought us to 3 pools fed by a trickle down the waterfall. It was glorious after the moderately strenuous, for me, hike.

DSC_0229Imagine 3 rock pools varying in size with the largest 15’ x 30’ green and cool enough to be refreshing. The pools are separated by rock that you can slide over on your belly. The lip of the pool farthest from the water-trickle looks out into – nothing but sky. This is nature’s perfect infinity pool.

By the time the place was becoming full (maybe 25 people) we were on our way down and on the road to Katherine. Geoff drives the corrugated dirt roads as if he’s done it all his life. Highlight of the trip back? Two small termite mounds one dressed in a t-shirt, the other in underpants!

We dropped Celia at the bus which will get her to Darwin for her flight home to Sydney tonight. She has been a wonderful travelling companion and helped us find our way throughout Kakadu. We discovered an unexpected gem right in the campground – The Big Fig Bistro operated by two foodies from Melbourne. It was a magical evening with outdoors tables and lights, white tablecloths, local barramundi with mango salsa from mangoes grown right here in the park, a fine hot lamb curry for Geoff all washed down with sauvignon blanc from South Australia – and a 2 minute walk to our tent. Very special!

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