Sunday, September 27, 2015

DSC_0238St. Paul’s Anglican Church is where Anglicans and Lutherans (!) worship together here so I felt right at home though I couldn’t recognize much about the service that came from either denomination other than the Prayer for Purity. The Warratah Girls Choir that travels internationally (Midland maybe???) offered an extraordinary quality of music.

Yvonne introduced herself as a former CMS missionary who worked in an aboriginal community and has retired to Katherine. Marie, an aboriginal woman told me that she moved into Katherine to be near her son who needs medical treatment but is planning on going back to the country because she misses “bush tucker.”

Laundry is done and we are off to the pool. This evening will include dessert at The Big Fig café, perhaps with a glass of wine. Who knows when we’ll find food this fine again.

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