El Questro Wilderness Park

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DSC_0451We had been told by many people that Emma Gorge was a “must do” walk and it did not disappoint – once we got there. Oh my goodness! This was an arduous hands and feet and seat hike over rocks, around boulders and then more again up ever upward. At one point we DSC_0456reached a pool and I thought that was it. It was not, and though sorely tempted to stay there, I pushed on to the end. It was worth every rude word that I’d thought.

Emma Gorge ends at a cool, clear pool with a “droplet” waterfall. Rock DSC_0457surrounds the pool in a semi-circle with moss growing up the rocks. I swam under the waterfall and from under the overhang looking up I saw a cascade of water droplets falling down in front of me. Then I swam through them as they fell on my head. Cool, deliciously cool fresh water in the midst of a never ending dry landscape. If I were to try to describe Eden as a physical landscape I couldn’t come any closer than Emma Gorge.

One thought on “El Questro Wilderness Park

  1. So beautiful! When you were describing the droplets of water falling, I thought about being baptized anew in this new journey for you and Geoff. Thank you for the lovely pictures.


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