Sunday, October 4, 2015

Church this morning with a warm welcome and the minister on vacation so members of the congregation took the service with the sermon from YouTube, given by the preaching professor of the minister. The service bore no resemblance to an Anglican service, no communion, no liturgy and other than singing and offering names for the prayers of the people, no congregational participation and no Lord’s Prayer. That felt strange. However, there was a sense of faithfulness, God-centredness though Jesus’ name was never mentioned and fellowship.

The ranger from Purnululu was at the service. There is no one that I know in Kununurra at all and yet here was a familiar face. We had a lovely conversation during the coffee hour, one of those “small world” moments.

The dry season officially ended here this afternoon – or at least it did according to me. I hung the laundry on the line even though the wind was blowing something fierce because I knew that the wet wasn’t expected to start for another week or so. But it did for over an hour with a rainbow. The laundry is now dry and all’s well.

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