Broome to Middle Lagoon off the Cape Leveque Road

Monday, October 12, 2015

DSC_0796Throughout the trip people we’ve met along the way have advised us to do the Cape Leveque Road which runs up the Dampier Peninsula and through aboriginal land. It’s another one of those “fun” 4WD roads, and what a drive it turned out to be!

DSC_0805Six feet high red sand embankments line the narrow one-lane road which unexpectedly gives way to two lanes and in places looks wide enough for four lanes. The road, as many 4WD roads are, was littered with burned out cars, including a number of the old Volkswagon van from the 1970’s psychedelic era. Out of the blue the sky clouded over with torrents of rain lashing the camper. Windshield wipers on high, water splashing red mud up from the road onto the hood and then the wind began whipping branches off trees scattering them on the road and pushing the vehicle from side to side on the already rutted road. In 15 minutes it was all over. Geoff and I looked at each other and said, “What was that?” The sky cleared, the sun shone and we arrived at sleepy and tired Middle Lagoon where the manager sleeps in an old bus converted to a home.

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