Cervantes to Rockingham

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DSC_0020One of the pleasures of caravan parks is the ”leave one, take one” pile of books. The joy of discovering a hitherto unknown, good author is balanced by the disappointment of poor writing. This trip my hits have included M. L. Stedman, Tim Winton’s DSC_0022Cloudstreet and Erika Swyler’s The Book of Speculation.

Tucked in off the highway north of Perth are The Pinnacles. Sticking out of sand dunes are columns of limestone anywhere between half a metre and 3 metres tall. Some DSC_0031are simple columns, others are hollowed and some are in groupings, so that like clouds it is fun to imagine what they represent. And they go on for acres and acres, short and tall, slender and chunky, mostly vertical but a few horizontal, set DSC_0043amongst bushes or simply rising from the sand.

As the wind re-shapes the sand dunes, new ones appear and existing ones becomes shorter in an ever changing and otherworldly feeling place.

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