Rockingam to Clifton Lake Caravan Park near Mandurah

Thursday, October 22, 2015

DSC_0067A short five minute ferry ride from Rockingham is Penguin Island, though it might more aptly be named “Seagull Island,” given the raucous flocks that cover this nature reserve. The smallest of the 17 species of penguin, the “Little Penguin” hides in the DSC_0068underbrush here – all 1,200 of them. Slow on land they dart remarkably fast in water. We also learned that in the last 10,000 years the sea has risen 120 metres (360 feet give or take). Penguin Island was once part of the mainland.

DSC_0076Though I’ve read all about the poisonously creatures of Australia, I have yet to encounter a spider or a snake except for one slithering across the road a few days ago. In the Northern Territories we even swam in a plunge pool with a crocodile, though it was a freshwater, non-aggressive one. But I was more than a little taken aback by a sign at a beach with the most glorious clear turquoise water and white sand. The notice had the usual rip currents and rocks, but this one included snakes. Swimming with crocs is one things but swimming with snakes – I think not.

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