Albany to Margaret River

Friday, November 6

DSC_0278Back to Margaret River where we are eager to replenish our supplies of wine, cheese and chocolate but first to Surfer’s Point where some of the best surfing waves in Western Australia are found. What a gloriously magnificent day it was – sun, about 21 degrees, and best of all the wind was fierce, in fact too strong for good board surfing. It was however ideal for kite surfers, those elite few who not only surf but also manoeuvre a sail that pulls them out to sea and when they are no more than a speck on the horizon they turn to find the crest of 3 metre (15 foot) waves. The sail lifts then so that they surf up and down waves at incredible speeds. It was utterly exhilarating watching 5 kite surfers weave among each other as if in a dance. Here is an example of what we saw.

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