Timber Creek to Keep River Park (Jarnem Campground)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Much of our driving is through scrubby gums with burnt out patches, mostly flat but some rocky ridges. We’ve seen more than a few wallabies hit by cars and one cow. The camper is a Toyota Land Cruiser with the best air conditioning which is a necessity when the daily temperature is between 34 and 39. Given that this is the end of the dry season the humidity is still very low. One day the temperature was 39 with 6% humidity making it feel not quite so hot.

We’ve had fun making up stories about the boab trees – at least I have. They are round with the strangest branches sticking out at odd angles. Sometimes they look like Albert Einstein’s hair or a family or even people dancing. Kind of like clouds and rock formations they beg to be given a story.

This evening finds us in a very basic campground with toilets and only one other set of campers. There are no lights other than their campfire which is burning itself out and this is the perfect place to stargaze. Even though it was almost a full moon, I could see the southern constellations and two satellites, at least that’s what I thought they were, streaking across the sky. Stars glittered and the Milky Way illuminated the heavens. I sat and watched and contemplated and simply was. Not since last October when my sister Judy and I walked in the southern Israeli desert have I seen such stars.

One thought on “Timber Creek to Keep River Park (Jarnem Campground)

  1. When I read your comments, it was like I was there with you star gazing and watching your neighbors’ fire slowly burn out. Good travelling!


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